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Virginia State Rail Plan Online Meeting




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    The comment period is now closed. Please visit the Virginia State Rail Plan Website for more information.

    What is DRPT?


    The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation:

    • Established in 1992
    • Three primary areas of operational activity - rail, public transportation and transportation demand management

    Who are the stakeholders?


    Stakeholders represent audiences who are integral to assuring the State Rail plan meets its objectives and goals. Click on the plus symbols to see who we've worked with:

    Virginia citizens

    Private rail industry

    • Amtrak
    • CSX
    • Norfolk Southern
    • Virginia Railway Express
    • Shenandoah Valley Railroad
    • Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line

    Public agencies

    • The Port of Virginia
    • Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
    • Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
    • Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy
    • Virignia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
    • Virginia Department of Transportation - Freight

    Planning organizations

    • Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission
    • Charlottesville-Albermarle Metropolitan Planning Organization
    • Crater Planning District Commission (Tri-Cities Area MPO)
    • Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization
    • Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
    • Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization
    • New River Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization
    • Richmond Regional Planning District Commission (Richmond Regional TPO)
    • Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission (Roanoke Valley TPO)
    • Winchester-Frederick Metropolitan Planning Organization
    • Virginia's Region 2000 Local Government Council (Central Virginia MPO)
    • Briston, TN Metropolitan Planning Organization

    Advocacy organizations

    • Virginia Rail Policy Institute
    • Virginia Railroad Association
    • Virginians for High Speed Rail

    Neighboring states

    And local, state, and regional officials

    Rail & Freight Transportation


    State Rail Plan Requirements


    The Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 task states with producing a State Rail Plan to establish policy, priorities, and implementation strategies for freight and passenger rail transportation within its boundaries, to enhance rail service in the public interest, and serve as the basis for Federal and State rail investments within the state.

    State Rail Plans


    Virginia State Rail Plan


    Rail Plan Vision

    Goals & Objectives


    Rail Plan: Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: The Role of Rail


    Virginia’s location and position on principal rail corridors provides rail access to every region of the U.S., as well as ports along the entire Atlantic coast.

    Chapter 2: The Existing System

    Virginia is now served by 11 freight railroads, both long distance and intercity Amtrak passenger routes, and two commuter routes provided by Virginia Railway Express. These carriers have strong national and international networks with comprehensive multimodal connectivity.

    Chapter 3: Proposed Passenger Rail Improvements

    The agency has established a track record of success through its partnerships with host freight railroads in the Commonwealth to expand or introduce intercity passenger rail service on major freight rail corridors, balancing freight and economic development needs with the improved mobility, transportation, and environmental benefits offered by passenger rail.

    Chapter 4: Proposed Freight Rail Improvements


    Shortline Class lll and Class l railroads have different improvement and investment goals.

    The graphic shows Shortline Class lll financing, growth, and projects in comparison with Class 1 financing, growth and projects.

    Chapter 5: The State's Investment Program


    Chapter five highlights Virginia’s Rail Service and Investment Program and its role.

    Chapter 6: Coordination & Review


    Stakeholder involvement for the State Rail plan has included outreach to freight and passenger rail entities in the Commonwealth.

    • Statewide Six Year Improvement Program meetings participation
    • Stakeholder committee meetings
    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Online surveys
    • Other

    The feedback received from our stakeholders during outreach and coordination activities is being used to support development of the State Rail Plan team.

    Economics & Socio-Environmental Benefits


    Next Steps


    Virginia’s State Rail Plan will meet federal guidelines and will be available in late 2017.

    Stay Involved

    Have a comment about the State Rail Plan?

    Visit VARailPlan.org to review the draft State Rail Plan.

    You can also send us an email at: Mike.Todd@drpt.virginia.gov.

    Thank you for your interest in the Virginia State Rail Plan!

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